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From our understanding Robert De Niro and Jay-Z were at Leonardo DiCaprio’s birthday bash the other night, reports say : When Jay went over to greet De Niro the response was not a warm one in fact:  “[De Niro] wasn’t in any mood to make polite conversation,” the source says. “He told Jay that if somebody calls you six times, you call them back. It doesn’t matter who you are, that is just rude.” and then De Niro called the rapper disrespectful, according to the New York Post. Keep in mind this all took place in a room full of celebs too… reports go on to say that Jay event tried to call B over to smooth the situation and it didn’t, Witnesses say The “Godfather II” and “Taxi Driver” star De Niro gave Jay-Z a dressing-down.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2012/11/15/robert-de-niro-scolds-jay-z-at-party-says-rapper-is-rude/#ixzz2CbfkXYXR


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