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May 13, 2021

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Phila School Bus


  • Amy at Martin
  • Bok, Edw. W. Technical H.S.
  • Carness Annes at Fels
  • Carroll, Charles H.S.
  • Communications Tech H.S.
  • Cooke, Jay
  • Douglas, Stephen A. H.A.
  • Duckrey, Tanner
  • Fairhill
  • Ferguson, Joseph C.
  • Fulton, Robert
  • Germantown H.S.
  • Gompers, Samuel
  • Hill, Leslie P.
  • Kinsey, John L.
  • Lankenau H.S.
  • Leidy
  • McCloskey, John F.
  • McMichael, Morton
  • Meade, Gen. George C.
  • Morris, Robert
  • Overbrook Elementary
  • Parkway Northwest
  • Peirce, Thomas M.
  • Pepper, George M.S.
  • Phila. Military Acad. at Elverson
  • Reynolds, Gen. John F.
  • Robeson H.S.
  • Shaw, Anna M.S.
  • Sheridan West Academy
  • Smith
  • Strawberry Mansion H.S.
  • Taylor, Bayard
  • University City H.S.
  • Vare, Abigail
  • Whittier, John G.
  • Wilson, Alexander

Programs to relocate

  • Lamberton, Robert H.S.
  • Motivation H.S.
  • Phila. Military Acad. at Leeds
  • Pratt, Anna B.
  • Roosevelt, Theodore
  • Vaux, Robert H.S.
  • Washington, George Elem.

Hite’s email follows:

Dear Colleagues,

I decided to join The School District of Philadelphia this fall as superintendent because of the potential to create a better-run, safer and higher-performingsystem. Above all, I believe that every child can succeed. By keeping the focus on students’ needs, outcomes and hopes, I feel that we can bring families, educators and supporters together around the common goal of preserving and improving public education in this city.

To meet this goal, we must achieve two objectives: improve learning opportunities for all our students and overcome massive financial challenges. We are, as you know, facing tough times that require even tougher choices. On Thursday afternoon, I will release a plan detailing the steps that must be taken to put us on the road towards long-term academic success and financial stability. It is a plan that focuses on better harnessing our resources to provide safer, stronger schools for all our families.

This will involve consolidating programs, expanding efforts to turn around chronically low-performing schools, and closing aging school buildings. This will also involve channeling investments into schools more effectively. We are making these changes because we believe they will result in a system that better serves all students, families and stakeholders.

You can download a complete list of the recommendations at:


Read more: Councilwoman Bass says Philadelphia school closings proposal ‘just the start of the conversation’ — NewsWorks.

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