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Let us first start by saying shout out to” T.I” and “Tiny” Harris for their positive display of a young family in our cultural of hip hop in their VH1 reality show “A Family Hustle”, It really was a great show. See all reality TV is not “Ratchet”

In a recent interview with DJ Who Kid “T.I.” remembers having Philly hip hop artist “Meek Mills” signed to his “Grand Hustlerecord label a few years prior to him signing to Maybach Music Group, …“Meek is the homie man. When I first was introduced to Meek he was still freestyling on the corners of Philly, North Philly, South Philly. Nigga had long motherfuckin braids man. He was a cool cat though,” said T.I. in a video posted on RapRadar.com. “My partner Charlie Mack actually brought him out to L.A… Read Full Story at HipHopDX:

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