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10 Year Old Jade Morris

Mothers are not the only ones who have to scrutinize their significant others, fathers do as well! According to reports 10 yr old Jade was last seen getting in the car and going shopping with her fathers fiancee 50 year old Brenda Stokes, also known as Brenda Wilson while her father was out of town. after she didn’t return later that night relatives became concerned and contacted the authorities. According to the Las Vegas Police Department, Stokes was arrested at about 10 p.m. Friday, accused of slashing the face of friend and co-worker Joyce Rhone, 44, several times with “an edged blade.”.Until Yesterday young Jade had been considered missing however a statement was released thursday…”We are heartbroken today. It has been confirmed by family members that the body of … Jade Morris has been found. We pray for her family,” Natalie Wilson, co-founder of the organization, told The Huffington Post.

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