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May 8, 2021

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Jessica Laney
Photo via RIP Jessica Laney/Facebook

We continue to express to parents, it is extremely important  to monitor who your children are communicating with on the internet and their cell phones mainly for fear of  predators, however you have to be sure they are not being cyber bullied or they are not being an actual cyber bully.

This story is sad, according to The Daily Dot:…”16 year old “Jessica Laney” was found dead in her Hudson, Fla., home after she was called things like a “fuckin ugly ass hoe” on the question-and-answer network”. Apparently was answering questions about herself on the social network and some of the negative comments and responses she received on her profile from her answers were more the she could handle. They said things such as:  “Nobody even cares about you” Another wrote,”Can you kill yourself already?” And she did just that.

Her Family and friends have launched a campaign on to shut down the network, especially since this has been the 4th bully related suicide directly connected to the website, reports say “…On Sept. 19, 15-year-old Ciara Pugsley committed suicide in woods near her home. For two months before her death, the Irish Times reported, users called her a “slut” and “ugly.”…” In late October, 13-year-old Erin Gallagher committed suicide after encountering “vicious online bullying,” the Independent reported…“In a post on Friday, the day before she died, she responded to a comment [on] which appears to refer to her being the victim of a physical attack in which she’d had her hair pulled,” the Independent reported. “She wrote back to her anonymous tormentors: ‘Do u think ur funny bulling me over yeah u prob think it was funny when a f**in put a rope round my neck cause of yous, yous are that sad!’Again we want to say parents must monitor who the children are communicating with on line and through text messaging and what type of activities they are engaging in. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of all of the youth.  Click here to read full story:

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