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May 11, 2021

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Coalition to Stop Gun Violence
Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Only five days into the new year of 2013 and the city of Philadelphia maintains it’s consistency with violent and deadly crimes involving youth and guns. According to The Gun Crisis Report Project as of January4, 2013  there has been at least 12 shootings in Philly and five of them have been deadly.

The first murder took place less than a half hour into the new year 16 year old Jaymire Rustin was shot to death and died in his 16 year old girlfriend’s arms, a 22 year old  Lawrence Jefferies was recently arrested for the murder on new years day of a young man that was suppose to graduate from Temple University Fox Business School this year Steven (Kyree) Johnson was just 23,two of his friends were also shot however they survived, on that same night 24 year old Tyjuan Sheilds was shot and killed on the streets of  frankford. Something has to happen to make a change.

Considering what had just been said in addition to a whole lot more, a group of individuals  has decided to take a stand. Scott P. Charles MAPP is the director  an award-winning hospital-based violence prevention initiative that illustrates the harsh realities of gun violence for public school students and adjudicated youth.

Click here to Watch Video segment from program

According to the Cradle 2 The Grave website: “This riveting two-hour program is aimed at educating at-risk youth about the perils of gun violence. During their experience, young people are allowed to step into the shoes of a real life teenager, Lamont Adams, and follow his journey from his birth in North Philadelphia to the events that would ultimately claim his life just 16 short years later…

Using his medical record as a map, staff from Temple University Hospital guide participants through all of the startling procedures that were conducted on Lamont in an effort to save his life. In the very type of room in which Lamont was treated, students are given an unvarnished look at the aftermath of gunshot injury. During the program, young visitors are shown realistic images of violent injuries and encouraged to reflect on the value their lives hold for their families and friends. Here, there is no soundtrack. There are no special effects. There is only the grim truth about the ways that something as small as a bullet can lay waste to flesh, bone and dreams.”

This looks like a great program hopefully some of the youth will be effected and change their lives for the better.

If you have a group (13 and older)  you  feel may benifit from the  participating in the program. Click here or Contact: Scott Charles, Cradle to Grave director, at (215) 707-8398 or by e-mail

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