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University of Arizona

According to Professor Tani Sanchez, hip-hop is a complex and sometimes paradoxical phenomenon, but the point of studying culture is not to judge it, but to understand what it tells us about history and society. Photo credit: Angie Schwendemann




The cultural of hip hop continues to grow, enlighten, and elevate to positive levels of everyday life.

According to a recent press  release December 2011 on t he University of Arizona (UA) website:  The UA will be the first college in the nation  launch the country’s first degree designation around the movement incorporated into their institution and curriculum.

Many may wonder, is the art  worthy of a serious study? Director of Africana Studies  Alain-Philippe Durand , as he stated in the press release …he believes so”,since  for decades, scholars have trained their academic eyes on the music, fashion, street art and dance that express a now global cultural phenomenon. They don’t study hip-hop for its catchy beats. They study it because it’s a river that roars through societies, shaping their cultural and political landscapes as it goes”…For students, that powerful force translates into serious questions. They may analyze the visual symbols in a graffiti mural, but they’re also challenged to think about graffiti in the context of German sociologist Jurgen Habermas’ ideas of public space as a social construct, Durand explains. They may unpack the lyrics of a familiar Jay-Z song, but they also have to consider how religious, ethnic and national identity overlap in the multi-lingual rap “Hamdulillah” (roughly translated from Arabic as “Praise to God”). Click here to read full press release:

Sounds interesting I wonder if its available for an online course.

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