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May 13, 2021

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We recently reported there was an arrest warrant for comedian Katt Williams, According to TMZ, “On January 8, 2013 ‘The comedian was arrested in front of his Los Angeles home, after missing court earlier in that day…  “he was arrested for failing to show up to an arraignment for a chase on a three wheeler, which occurred in November. During the November 25 incident, Katt Williams allegedly eluded pursuing police officers, who had observed the comedian driving the vehicle on the sidewalk.

during a video interview with he addressed the guns and drugs situation,“If the police come in and raid my place and break into my gun boxes, you’re gonna find guns! I’m not in a gang, what difference does it make?”…he also admitted to having marijuana present, yet he claimes that “weed is not a drug.”…and according to Katt, He missed his Sacramento court date because he had a custody hearing for his kids. Click here to read full story:

Katt Williams
Katt Williams (Photo credit: IHEARTHIPHOP)



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