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Shawty Lo & All His Baby’s Momma’s

Well the vote are in and the petitions were effective, because reports say that the Oxygen network has officially cancelled Shawty Lo’s Show and he has something to say about it. in a recent interview on  Hot 107.9 in Atlanta he spoke out about the disappointment,

I feel like they didn’t give the show a chance to see what’s really going on. She made her assumptions off the trailer. My life story wasn’t peaches and cream. Coming up was so hard for me. My mama was on drugs. My daddy was elsewhere and my grandma raised me and she died from cancer when I was 17. I was out there in the streets. I don’t like to brag about my life story but I went on to become one of the largest drug dealers in the Bankhead area. With money, came women and then came children, but as time went on I woke up.

I ain’t had no child in 11 years. Basically, what I’m doing is telling my story. Showing how Shawty Lo turned a negative into a positive. The show wasn’t about, ‘we finna be fighting.’ A lot of fathers don’t take care of one child or be there with their child. I’m hands on. My kids love their father. Before this show was even thought about, I was on Instagram with my kids every weekend.

I really understand [the outrage]. They have the right to think that but at least give the show a chance to see what’s going on. They making an assumption off a 13 minute trailer. You know, I’m working hard for the show, for it to air because people do want to see it. My kids are disappointed right now. But my show is not about no negative. It’s a positive.

Recent reports say that Shawty Lo has now created a petition to save his show, since he feels his story should be told 

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