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May 8, 2021

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Boston Cop For Pull Your Pants Up PSA

Wow… Boston has taken a stand. They refuse to allow young people to walk around with their pants halfway down.

This Friday a new PSA was released by the Black Mental Health Alliance of Massachusetts’ (BMHAM) to encourage youngsters to Pull their pants up. The actual video was premiered on Youtube last week and will probably cause controversy especially since its talks about individuals being fined and possibly being imprisoned for not doing so.YouTube: BMHAMorg

“So you think you look pretty good wearing your pants like that don’t you? Underwear exposed, hip-hop style” asks an officer in the video. “Well there’s something you may not know.”

“Pull up your pants. Respect yourself,” says a police officer in the video.

According to Dr. Reid, President and Founder of BMHAM, the purpose of video is to address the growing issue of young men walking in the streets, without regard and respect for themselves and their community.

“This is just the beginning of our public strategy to encourage parents, schools, police, social service agencies, housing agencies, faith-based organizations along with men and women in our community to take a collective stand and tell our young men and boys to pull those pants up,” said Reid.

The only concern is. if the offenders are youth, the parents will have to be responsible for paying the fines and usually they don’t dress their teens. Click here to look at the video below

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