The Reward Is Now 85 Grand Pus For Any Information Leading To The Arrest Of The Animals That Took 5 Year Old Little Girl From A Philadelphia School

“Before reading this article, we would like to inform you that some of the initial information which was retrieved from local news sources were incorrect.

Originally we reported that the principal of Bryant Elementary School 

at the time of this incident of  was Jala Olds-Person. That statement was incorrect   and has been removed from this article effective April 24, 2013 at 8:10 am”


It’s has been about 2 weeks ago since We posted an Amber Alert  after 5 year old kindergartner was abducted from William C. Bryant Elementary school in Philadelphia. The Person fully clothed in Muslim Garb (Hijab), went into the school , went to the classroom and ask for her by name, then left with the child. It is apparent that school security had seriously been breached.

Five Year Old Being Abducted From Bryant Elementary School In Philadelphia

During the wee hours of the following morning, in below freezing temperatures, and in the freezing rain, the little girl was found on a playground in Upper Darby, Pa., shivering wearing only a tee shirt, according to  Special Victims Unit Capt. John Darby said the girl went through an “unspeakable experience.”

Earlier this evening we attended a meeting at the school, where the victims grandfather was in attendance, he gave a brief yet some what detailed updated of her current state and recovery. The story is just sad, he confirmed that this little girl was brutally …ually assaulted, completely Violated to say the least,  he went on to say the family initially choose to keep specific information private for the sake off some dignity for the child, however it is important to publicly disclose some information to ensure immediate attention is given to the fact that these animals need to be taken off the streets and that no child is safe until the individuals responsible for these unspeakable crimes are captured and off the streets NOW!!

Also disclosed in the meeting were new details in the case: Police have expanded their search areas, There is now a person of interest: Possible teenager, slim build, straight black hair, and goes by the name of “China” or “Chyna”. According to the police this person may have been in the resident in which the girl was taken to. The authorities they would like to speak to this person.

In less than a week the amount of the reward has risen from $30,000 on January 24, 2013  to date it was $80,000,although during the meeting there was a $500.00 and then another $5000.00, therefore the reward is close to 90 grand. Pa State Ron Waters said there will be an account set up for the public to donate as well.

During the meeting some parents became emotional as they expressed their on going concerns about  school safety prior to and after the recent abduction, policy and procedures, and staffing concerns, However a number of school officials, Philadelphia police officers, moreover the new

Camera Photo's 085Philadelphia School District Superintendent “William Hite” was also present to address some of them, he announced a number of changes which would become effective almost immediately.  It appears as though  four workers , including the principal were being disciplined for their actions. Hite said that effective Tuesday, experienced educator Michael Rosenburg, would take over as principal of the school. According to Hite some of the workers were still working in the district but others weren’t.

Ultimately the meeting was designed by   to In addition to leaders and officials there was a strong community presence especially of African American men, a group of neighborhood Muslim security service has volunteered to police the the school during school hours.

There will also bet a number of events taking place for the sake of this incident:

Majlisn Ash shura of Philadelphia/Delaware Valley will be sponsoring a City-Wide Community Meeting ” A CALL TO ACTION” Wednesday January 30, 2013 6-9 pm At the Kingsessing Recreation Center 49th Chester Avenue, Philadelphia, Pa, 19143.

The meeting  will consist of an update of the victim, Coping and dealing strategies, Raising reward monies, Views of Islamic attire and much more.

State Rep. Vanessa Lowery Brown released a statement: Encouraging local community leaders join her in a march/rally beginning this Saturday Funerary 2, 2013 at 12:30 pm,.

Marchers will meet on 60th and Market Street beneath the el platform at 12:30 pm and march down 60th to Cedar avenue which is Bryant School where the rally will take place. For more information or to participate in the rally contact the office (215) 879-6615.

Camera Photo's 083

 Anyone with information about this case are asked to contact the Philadelphia Police Department by calling 215-686-TIPS (8477), the Special Victims Unit at 215-685-3251, or 911. You can also email to:

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