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Are you aware that your teenager is consider member of the Generation M2 ? Do you know what this is or means? We got you,  According to The Kaiser Family Foundation its refers to: Today’s, 8-18 year-olds, with technology allowing nearly 24-hour media access as children and teens go about their daily lives, and the amount of time young people spend with entertainment media.

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Just when we thought that the teens all just went from Facebook to Instagram, there are a few more networks parents need to become aware of: Wickr, SnapChat, and Kik. Not to mention Tumblr according to a recent survey: “‘… the social site Tumblr is used the most by teens and young adults. I know for a fact that many of my peers with teens had no idea about these sites.

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Reports say numerous teens are misusing the apps, privacy settings on the sites are unsafe, some teens utilize these sites for bullying purposes, moreover …”they practically encourage teens to engage in behavior that they may regret later,” reported the Cyberbully Hotline.

According to tidewaterreview,com: Snapchat, the fourth-most popular app for the IPhone, allows users to snap a photo and send it, only to have it disappear seconds later, however… Teens should be aware that SnapChat admits in its privacy policy that it “cannot guarantee that the message contents will be deleted in every case.”According to the Cyberbully Hotline, Snapchat is being used by some teens to send revealing and naked pictures, and to bully others – with the knowledge it will soon disappear in 1-10 seconds. Pay attention Parents, many members of Generation M2 are using Kik along with Instagram, another program that allows texting and photo sharing. According to HighTechDad and online columnist Michael Sheehan, there are hidden dangers in the two programs, especially when used together. Read More:


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