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May 13, 2021

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Kiss Nightclub Brazil
A partial view at the entrance to the Kiss nightclub where a blaze killed over 200 people. (Jefferson Bernardes/AFP/Getty Images) #














There was  fire  last weekend in Santa Maria, Brazil at a popular nightclub called “Kiss” that killed more than 230 people. Reports say the fire allegedly was sparked by the performing band’s pyrotechnics show ( which police said used flares meant for outdoors).

Many reports say the building was windowless and there was only one exit, therefore when the fire ignited,  most of the patrons became  trapped inside as they all attempted to flee the club  through the single, overcrowded exit. Brazilian police arrested four suspects, two of the Kiss club’s owners, along with a pair of musicians who starred in the ill-fated pyrotechnic show.

Our Thoughts and prayers are with the survivors and the families of the victims.  Click here to read full story and photos:

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