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May 8, 2021

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Suspects being taken in for questioning for 5 year old suspect kidnapped from West Philadelphia school. Photo 6abc

According to reports four people and now and the Philadelphia special victims unit as people of interest in the case of the 5 year old student kidnapped from a West Philadelphia school. The suspects are currently being questioned and have not been officially arrested, however one of the individuals matches DNA found on the tee shirt the little girl was wearing when she was found in an Upper Darby playground..another may have actuallybeen the woman who took her out of the school, posing as her mother and one other that may be the teenager who helped the little girl escape.

According to 6abc…”The four people being questioned are not Muslim, police sources said. It’s an important development because the woman who abducted the girl was wearing Muslim clothing. Local Muslim leaders had been vocal about their outrage over this crime.

The 5-year-old told police that her captors threatened that a bird would “peck out her eyes” unless she stayed under a bed. Sources say a bird was recovered inside the home.

Police earlier said the little girl led them right to the back door of the house on Walton Avenue when officers had her walking around in the area.

The house is located about half a block from Cobbs Creek Park. On the other side of the park is Upper Darby, where the girl was found.

Officers served the warrant at the home last Friday. Police went into the house looking for evidence that the child was there – including DNA.

Also last week, detectives had re-interviewed a 19-year-old woman who lives at the house. That woman also happens to work at the daycare where the 5-year-old would go after school…. Click here to read more

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