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2 Chainz and Maryland Police
2 Chainz arrested and said Maryland Police wanted flick
Photo: Instagram

According to TMZ: around 10 PM in Easton last night after Maryland State Police pulled over a white van he was traveling in … along with 6 other people.

But cops say 2 Chainz was in possession of weed — so he was arrested. He was the only person in the van taken into custody.

2 Chainz was taken to a nearby station where he was booked, released and even took a picture” with the cops.

According 2 Chainz, he only took the shot because THE COPS asked him for it.

After being released he went on a Twitter rampage — saying, “dam police f*ckn wit a n**ga.”

“Locked me up and then Wanted pictures smh (shakin’ my head).”

TMZ reports; “2 Chainz also claimed that he didn’t exactly have a bag of weed on him at the time … only a grinder (a device used to crush up weed so you can smoke it.)

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