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June 21, 2021

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Christina Regusters Kidnapped And Raped 5-Year Old Girl
19 year old Christina Regusters Kidnapped And Raped 5-Year Old Girl in West Philly school

Apparently 19 year old Christina Regusters worked at the after school program where 5 year old child attended, police belive she is the woman seen in survailance cameras covered in Muslim Garb and Niqab posing as the little girls mother and Kidnapping her on January 14, 2013.

Reguster along with 3 other people was taken into custody yesterday afternoon however she was the only one charged with  as of now. Reguster was charged with kidnapping, conspiracy, aggravated assault, rape, and other offenses, said Special Victims Unit Capt. John Darby. She was one of four people questioned Thursday who live in a home several blocks from Bryant Elementary School in West Philadelphia where the victim attended school. The other three were released.

6200 Walton
6200 Walton Ave West Philly 5 year old child said she was held

Officials say, “This brave, innocent precious little girl was instrumental in leading police literally to the door of the crime,” Kline said in an interview Friday. “She told them that there was a bird in the house. The bird became one of the many focal points of the investigation. Good for her.  “The investigation is very much active and ongoing,” said Special Victims Unit Capt. John Darby at a news conference on Thursday.

Here’s her mug shot, shes not as cute as the first pick on the page and it looks like her eye color changed too.

What possibly could have could be the motive for these actions and who where the other people involved? According to her attorney, she’s innocent and is not the woman on the surveillance camera taking the little girl from the school on January 14th….”. A local news station uncovered even more on the terrible moments as the 5-year-old was abducted, held captive and assaulted. According to “The I-Team”  Police reports reveal that the suspect first threw the little girl’s book bag and coat into the trash, showed her a cell phone picture of a man and telling her the man would be her new father….Police reports also indicate surveillance video allegedly shows the victim being put into a bag and once in the home she was blindfolded, her clothing was removed, she was kept under a bed and sexually assaulted. Reports claim as Regusters abandoned the victim in the playground, her final words to her allegedly were “Hide under the sliding board. Call for help.”… While another ABClocalgocom tells a similar story with some different details, they report …

Both networks reported she was placed her in a duffel bag before taking her into the Walton Street home and Once inside authorities say the child was stripped naked, blindfolded and placed under a bed.  Now here’s where it changes a little, according to abc: Regusters allegedly told her, “The man is going to come and you better be quiet because he doesn’t like it when you’re not quiet…” both  sources also reported the woman also told the 5-year-old that an exotic pet, a macau, would peck her eyes out if she didn’t do as she was told. A warrant was granted late last night and police returned to the home where Reguters resided on the 6200 block of Walton avenue and confiscated what appeared to be a rather large bird from the crime scene.

ABC also reports that: “After being brutally sexually assaulted, authorities say an unknown teen girl took the child and abandoned her in an Upper Darby playground wearing only a t-shirt….and Before that person left her, she reportedly told the child, “You have to go rescue the other kids.”


Regusters’ lawyer says she is not guilty and police should be looking at others. “The conspiracy is the thing that ties her in with all of these charges. I certainly don’t think she’s a rapist I’m sure they tried to squeeze her there’s no question about that,” said Fred Harrison, attorney. However she does have a 4 million dollar bail which she cant pay therefore, she will remain in custody until her next court date which is slated for March 6,2013.

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