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May 11, 2021

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7 Year Old Zora Ball
Harambee first-grade programmer Zora Ball.

Harambee first-grade programmer Zora Ball. — PHOTO/HARAMBEE INSTITUTE

While most 7 year old children are probally trying to figure out how the play the latest video games, this 7 year old West Philadelphia 1st grader has  become the youngest individual to create a full version of a mobile application video game and a master of the Bootstrap programming language.

Ball and her brother are both student’s of The Harambee Institute, in a statement to, PhillyScience Teacher Tariq Al-Nasir, who is also the founder of Harambee’s successful STEMnasium Learning Academy expressed his appreciation of his students hard work and dedicated, “We expect great things from Zora, as her older brother,Trace Ball, whom which is a past STEM Scholar of the Year,… “I am proud of all my students. Their dedication to this program is phenomenal, and they come to class every Saturday, including holiday breaks.”

The Saturday classwork is a 48-week program, not including an additional eight weeks in the summer. The collaboration between Harambee and the STEMNASIUM allows any student enrolled in a Philadelphia public school to partake in the class; the program is built for 60-plus students, and the roughly 50 that are enrolled in the program are dedicated, Al-Nassir said.

“The kids love it. As an example, over the Thanksgiving holiday break, with Black Friday and all, the kids were off from school and could do whatever it is that kids do when they are home, but we had students who showed up,” Al-Nassir said. “They dedicated themselves to showing up on that Saturday. What we accomplished on that Saturday was different than what we accomplished on other Saturdays, but I was very impressed that the parents bought into the fact that we can’t take a vacation, not when we’re trying to reach people on a global level.”…Read full story>>Here

According to the philly,  “Harambee was one of Philadelphia’s first charter schools, and has become an important and widely recognized part of the city’s system of education. Since its founding nearly two decades ago by late educator Baba Skief,…and has been a front runner in community service and development. The charter school has served as a local source for visual and performing arts and has been identified as a leader in education and training programs. Harambee has earned the support of the West Philadelphia community and the recognition of state and local officials for outstanding service.



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