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More Starter Wives Confidential
No More Starter Wives Confidential
Photo: Monica Joseph-Taylor’s Twitter

Looks like TLC ha decided to cancel the new reality tv show Starter Wives Confidential. Hmmm, wonder why and who is behind this?

In a statement titled “It Was Nice Being A Reality Show Star, But Aint Nobody Got Time For That” posted on the blog of cast member and soon to be ex of New York  DJ & radio personality Funk Master Flex Monica Joseph-Taylor initially said :

“If you want to watch the remainder of episodes of Starter Wives Confidential you will have to go online to TLC.com.

Ask me why?  ::Long pause::”…She further went on to say…”Is it ratings?  Is it a change in network direction…or all the outside drama?!

It’s no secret Starter Wives Confidential was plagued by legal inquiries and possible lawsuits from the beginning.  Starting with Shanequa Tompkins being missing from all the episodes, her ex 50 cent allegedly had an agreement or contract with her of some sort that either prevented or made it difficult for her to partake in the show.  I know before taping even began I was questioned about my posts relating to anyone connected with Lamar Odom.  Luckily TLC had no control over what I do or can post so it became a non-issue.  I never did find out who was putting pressure on them.  Cut to the Lil Kim situation, one which I’m still confused about and can’t even confirm if there is a law suit…”

Therefore it appears to be a result of a number of things that may have has influenced the decision or if you read further into the statement it seems as though there is no solid answer for the cancellation of the show, if one could read between the lines. Taylor ended the document as such: ”  So it SUCKS that you have to watch episodes online but it beeeez like that sometimes… (c’mon y’all know me by now, why pretend anymore #endlesspromotion #bossbitch #keepitmovin #letmefinish)…P.S. I realize I didn’t answer why we are not being aired anymore…you will just have to judge for yourself. ::Closes the shades carefully as she writes and presses send::

Monica Joesph Taylor
Photo: mommysdirtylittlesecet.com

Wow, It was just starting to be interesting and make since to a lot of viewers, guess we’ll be checking it out on the web. Click here to read the full blogfrom:>>mommydirtylittlesecret.com


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