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May 11, 2021

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Christopher Dorner LAPD
Christopher Dorner LAPD (Photo credit:


Apparently someone took pictures of the body of former LAPD Officer Christopher Dorner after his 3 day killing spree came to a tragic end last week.  Now this person isshopping them around, TMZ claims they showed up at their front door and while they did in fact observe the pictures, they opted out to purchase them…

According to TMZ: ” The top of Dorner’s head is gone … The body is missing several limbs … including an arm and parts of a leg … and his midsection is charred,…Despite the intense blaze, several body parts remained intact  … including his eyeballs, chest area and penis…In fact, Dorner’s upper teeth were barely damaged … which helped authorities ID the body…” Ream more from>>>TMZ

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