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May 11, 2021

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Dennis Rodman and Korean dictator Kim Jong-un

Dennis Rodman was escorted out of a New York City hotel today after causing a ruckus at the bar. According to Page Six, Rodman annoyed hotel guests and the bartender by bellowing to anyone in earshot about his recent trip to North Korea, and what a great guy dictator Kim Jong-un is.

The NBA bad boy made waves after returning from the rogue nation, where he participated in an exhibition basketball game, and raved about the country’s reviled dictator. Rodman has been playing diplomat on behalf of Kim, known for his human rights violations and for illegally developing nuclear weapons. Rodman told The Week‘s George Stephanopoulos upon his return that the 20-something dictator just wants President Obama to “call him.”…Click here to read more from>>> BET.

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