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Little Kim/ Wendy Williams
Little Kim/ Wendy Williams

Yesterday morning (March12) talk show host Wendy Williams mocked Lil Kim‘s dramatically altered face, and Lil Kim went in on Twitter and exposed an alleged one-sided romantic affair that Williams’ had with the Notorious B.IG., also known as Biggie Smalls. Apparently there is

Lil Kim
Original and Photo Shopped Pic
Photo: LIL Kim Twitter

an unflattering photo of Kim made the internet rounds, Kim stated the image was photo-shopped. Williams made fun of  the statement, saying that Kim was so plastic a pin would pop her, that she had “out-Latoya’ed Latoya Jackson,” and that she shouldn’t blame photo-shop, she should blame her plastic surgeon. However Wendy did say she also believed the photo was photo-shopped but that wasnt enough for Kim she snapped of twitter read the tweets:

Lil Kim's Twitter
Lil Kim’s Twitter

OOOK?! We’re sure this is not the last we will hear of this, almost sure that Wendy will respond to this on her show Today!! Stay tuned for updates

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