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March 7, 2021

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"Mayor Bozo
A protester holds a sign reading “Mayor Bozo” depicting Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter as a clown.

Mayor Michael Nutter was drowned out by protesters and forced from the city council chambers yesterday (Thursday), when he attempted to deliver his yearly budget address. During the speech angry union protesters loudly heckled him, were blowing whistles, and displayed a number of depicting signs, one even suggesting the mayor resembles the clown Ronald McDonald.

Mayor Nutter Protesters Block Streets Of Philly

The protest continued as crowd pour out into the streets of center city blocking traffic and causing total and ciaos for at least an hour

President and CEO of the Philadelphia-based government watchdog group, Committee of Seventy, Zack Stalberg stated, “…It was a little like the President not being able to deliver the State of the Union address and that’s impossible to imagine,”

Several protesters are seen holding up signs during Mayor Nutter's budget address Thursday.
Several protesters are seen holding up signs during Mayor Nutter’s budget address Thursday.

After a five minute verbal duel, council went into recess, Nutter was escorted by Philadelphia Police officers, into another city Council chambers with the media and his staff to deliver the speech.

Nutter has repeatedly said the city can’t afford packages offered by past administrations. Union officials insist the money is there. A spokesman for the mayor said the unions were unwilling to address benefit reform. The mayor’s office says it’s within its rights to appeal an arbitrator’s ruling on the firefighters’ contract.

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