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KRS-One represented the political element of n...
KRS-One  Photo: Wikipedia

It’s time to celebrate says legendary hip hop icon KRs1…“Its Hip-Hop’s 40 year 1973-2012, yo Hip-Hop turned 40 we are still here.  The revolution will not be televised.  You keep looking for real Hip-Hop on these bullshit stations. You’re not going to find it!  Real hip-hop is meeting in small places.  Why? Because it’s real culture, it’s real street. We trying to preserve our culture. How do we preserve our culture?  We preserve our culture by preserving ourselves. We are Hip-Hop so when we preserve ourselves we preserve the culture. How do you preserve yourself? Knowledge of self.  How do you get knowledge of self? Create yourself. When you create yourself, you know yourself.  This is the key to Hip-Hop, self creation, so this is the movement here,” an enthusiastic KRS-One explained.

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