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May 11, 2021

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Life With La Toya
Life With La Toya On The Own Network
Photo: Own Website
Life With LaToya
Life With LaToya
Photo: Own Website

#RSU’s Congratulation LaToya Jackson, say what you want about her, but make sure you say, she is continuously working… The Oprah Winfrey‘s Own network has decided to house her brand new reality show. According to the networks statement, ” Life With La Toya  gets up close and personal with La Toya Jackson as she juggles the many demands of her famous family, her life long friends, and her growing entertainment business empire.
Known as the outspoken one, La Toya is so much more: the fun-loving aunt, devoted daughter, peace-making sister and a woman looking for love, and maybe even a family of her own. 

The series will premiere Saturday, April 13th at 10:30/9:30c,  on OWN. 

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