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May 8, 2021

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Episode 17:
Kim Zolciak & Kandi Burrus RHOA Season 3 Reunion Part I
Photo: Bravo website

#RSU’s The drama continues on the Real Housewives of Atlanta, While Kandi Burrus and Kim Zolciak each are gearing up for their spin off’s  from the RHOA, “Don’t Be Tardy” (SEASON PREMIERE APRIL 16 9/8C) and  Kandi Factory, (SERIES PREMIERE APRIL 9 10/9C), they’re also preparing to meet each other in court. Reports say that Kandi is suing Kim for not properly compensating her for the “Tardy For The Party” song. At one point back in 2011 during season 3, it was said that Kandi receive just $4,000 for entire the project.

Reports say, earlier this week Burrus and another co writer from the song Rodney Richards have filed paperwork in a Georgia Courthouse: Damages for copyright infringement due to Defendants’ unauthorized and unlawful licensing, distribution and sale of Plaintiffs’ creative works, namely a sound recording embodying a performance of a musical composition entitled ‘Tardy for the Party.” 

Kandi tries to explain how she really looked out for Bravo and Kim by not enforcing her rights to sync license fees and how Kim was just ignorant to the industry rules :…“Normally, I would get sync license fees every time the song plays, but I gave the show a gratis, I know Kim was new to the music industry so I don’t feel like she was purposely trying to wrong me. I just think she was misinformed….

This week in an interview with Kim responded to the lawsuit:  “This is nothing short of a publicity stunt, I find this lawsuit funny yet sad. Coming after me now and this song is 4 years old? I have in fact overpaid Kandi and have documents to prove it and my legal team will handle this accordingly.”

Hopefully the ladies will work it out, check back for updates…

Watch a sneak peak of the shows:

Season 2 of Don't Be Tardy
Season 2 of Don’t Be Tardy Kim Zolciak & Family
Photo: Bravo

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The Kandi Factory
Sneak Preview Of The Kandi Factory Video: Bravo

Watch as Kim Sings Song For The First Time On The Wendy William Show:

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