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Chris Brown, Lil Wayne,Drake and others
Photo: freddy.com
club chris-brown-drake-fight-
W.i.p./Nightclub after Chris Brown and Drake fight

The saga continues with this Chris Brown and Drake nightclub fight allegedly over R & B sensation Rihanna, if you recall, NBA San Antonio Spurs star Tony Parker was at the club that night and obtained an eye injury which he later filed a 20-million-dollar lawsuit against the club, claiming he had suffered cuts to his cornea from bottles that were thrown by Brown and Drake’s entourages.

TMZ reports, “…they obtained court documents  filed by Club, W.i.P. stating Brown and Drake to foot Tony Parker’s bill. The club’s owner filed papers with the court last week asking the judge to place the burden on the musicians since they “contributed to, instigated, participated and/or engaged in the punch up…” Translation, since  was Brown, Drake, and their entourage’s were the individuals engaged in the brawl, they should be accountable for any cost and or damages that may have accrued during the incident…We’ll see, check back for updates.


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