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English: Lil Wayne in concert on Strong Island
 Lil Wayne in concert on Strong Island  Photo: Wikipedia

Guess all the thoughts and prayers worked for Lil Wayne, because reports say, Lil Tunechi went home from the hospital yesterday, according to Mack Maine‘s tweets. Maine also sent another tweet addressing the fact that he never gave XXL Magazine any “exclusive” interview in regards to condition.

We reported last week about the first seizure and hospital scare on Tuesday, where he was quickly released on the following  Wednesday,  later reported Wezzy was hospitalized again late Friday evening experiencing  uncontrollable seizures. Reports say,up until today he was in the I.C.U, he had been released to regular care, and then allowed to go home.


That’s good to know, sure his fans are happy to hear he’s ok. Get you some rest Weezy….


Mack's tweet


Mack's tweet


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