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March 1, 2021

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5 Del teens Arrested for carjacking 89 yr old woman

Five teenagers have been charged with carjacking, kidnapping and robbing of a senior citizen and locking her in a car trunk for two days.

Sources say, 89-year-old Margaret Smith of Lincoln, Delaware spoke exclusively to Action News Thursday night and says she is relieved to have survived the wildest ride of her life. “I’m still shaking,” Smith said.

Watch Video: Del. teens arrested for kidnapping 89 yr old woman video 6abc

6abc reports, “…According to police, Smith was at the Chicken Man Convenience Store in Milford, Delaware when she was approached by two girls, later identified as 14-year-old Junia McDonald and 15-year-old Jackeline Perez, who asked for a ride to a home in Lincoln. Smith kindly said yes. When they arrived, police say the girls stole Smith’s keys, forced her into the trunk and drove off. Police say the girls later demanded money from Smith, took $500 in cash from her coat pocket and left her locked in the trunk…”They opened the door and shoved me in the trunk and locked it,” Smith said….”

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