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February 28, 2021

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There has been a serious security breach at the Philadelphia International Airport, its a little scary to imagine what could have happened and how did he manage to get as far as he did without anyone recognizing the breach sooner.

According to 6abc, “…Philadelphia police have arrested a French national after he impersonated a pilot on a US Airways flight last night. According to Police say 61-year-old Philippe Jernnard LaRocelle, France boarded a West Palm Beach, Florida bound US Airways flight at approximately 6:20 pm. Wednesday wearing what appeared to be an Air France pilot’s uniform. He was a ticketed passenger and police say he somehow talked his way into the cockpit, settling into the jump-seat behind the captain’s seat when the actual pilot entered the cockpit, Jennard identified himself as a 747 pilot for Air France, when Jeannard could not produce proper credentials he was asked to take his seat, when police were called and he had already taken off the uniform.They found the Air France decals and a fake crew credential in his bags…”Jernnard was eventually removed from the flight and transported to Southwest Detectives where he was processed and charged. When arrested, he was in possession of a counterfeit Air France crew member identification card.

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Wow makes you wonder who’s in the cockpit, passengers don’t usually ask for credentials from the flight crew when we board a flight, most people just smile and say hi. Wonder how the people that did that felt after later finding out about the impersonation. We would feel violated and surely not safe.

Read full story from: 6abc

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