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March 7, 2021

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Delaina Garling

Last week we reported about a mother from Upper Darby caught on video forcing her teenage daughter to fight another teen, today we have a report about another mother from the same area telling her 7 year old to pepper spray a store manager…6acb reports,  Police say an Upper Darby woman returned to a dollar store where she’d been banned and pepper-sprayed employees who tried to escort her out before giving the can to her 7-year-old daughter and asking her to continue the fight.

Upper Darby police say 27-year-old Delaina Garling went to the Family Dollar Store on Monday, a place she’d been banned from for an incident involving alleged theft and fire alarm being pulled. Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood says surveillance video shows Garling with her two young stepchildren.

In the video, she is told to leave the store, but as she departs, she allegedly pepper sprays the manager. The manger reacts by going after Garling, who is wrestled down. 40 seconds into the incident, the 8-year-old boy hands his 7-year-old sister the can of pepper spray. “The stepmother is screaming to the little girl ‘you know what to do, baby. Spray her,”

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