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Baby Left At 60th Train Station In West Philly
Baby Left At 60th Train Station In West Philly

Local news stations report that, a 15 year old and her mother were trying to use the same daypass at the 60th and Market Street El stop in west PhiladelphiaSEPTA officials say, “the mother went through the turnstile first and then handed the day-pass back to the grandmother. They then turned at the same time after the teen’s 5-month-old daughter was placed at the gate…”

At that point they left her at the train station. It was not until about 10 minutes later when the two meet at 56th street station, when they realized neither of them had the stroller or the baby. SEPTA officials say,  “the mother and grandmother frantically returned and were reunited with the child. The women won’t be cited in spite of the fact that they were seen on surveillance video trying to evade the fare…” Authorities were notified however no charges were filed because the abandonment didn’t appear as  intentional,”… investigators said the women left their purses as well as food inside the baby’s carriage and therefore don’t believe they intentionally left the baby behind…”

Watch Video: Click here>>>Baby Left at 60 street

Guess that was a lesson well learned

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