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American RZA
American RZA Photo: Saint Iscariot

Dutch singer claims she was not properly paid by the Wu Tang front man Rza and filed a lawsuit. Reports say Thea Van Seijen sued  for unpaid royalties after the singer claims she was employed on multiple songs. Now while Rza says he did help the young lady by hiring her to do some work in the studio,but he claims that he never agreed to pay her more than the initial pay out. It was a work-for hire arrangement, In fact he is actually shocked the the artist has gone so far as filing a suite against him.

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TMZ recently caught up with RZA in LA and ask about the case: The rapper says that the singer inflated her role on his songs and that he doesn’t owe her anything,  claims she’s lying, but admits that they worked on several tracks. She was work-for-hire in which she was paid

via RZA Vows To Fight Dutch Singer Over Royalties | AllHipHop.com.

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