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Wiz Khalifa

One of hip hop’s newest fathers is not playing any games about his money, rapper Wiz Khalifa is suing “It’s My Party Inc. which is a Virginia based concert promotion company for a cool $1 million, claiming their actions (canceling a scheduled concert at the last minute) could “damaged his reputation…”

Reports say, back in December 2012 “It’s My Party Inc” booked Wiz to perform at George Mason University, then cancelled the concert at the last moment.

In the lawsuit, Khalifa claims, that It’s My Party was to pay him $85,000 and a portion of the profits from the event. Wiz believes he is also owed damages because the late cancellation hurt his credibility.

According to TMZ: “…It’s My Party says the reason the show was shut down was because they had difficulty selling the $45 tickets to fill up the 7,000 seat Patriot Center.The company also claims that they never signed a contract with Wiz, so they are not legally required to pay…”

Photo Credit: Photo: Anthony Gattine [www.AnthonyGattine.com]

Story source>>AllHipHop.com.

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