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While monitoring his 13 year old daughters Facebook page, Antoine Martin a father from Detroit noticed a 22 year old man soliciting sex from his daughter, so he decided  set up a Facebook sting to catch alleged predator. According to Fox8 in Detroit,The father lured the suspect who according to the father  is a volunteer with the Boys and Girls Club of America to his home, where he forced him to confess on camera that the suspect was planning on having sex with the girl. According to the father, he researched state laws before setting up the sting in an effort to make sure the taped confession would hold up in court

The police were notified and the suspect was eventually arrested sources say the charges against him are pending.

According to Martin,…he started monitoring his daughter’s Facebook conversations and soon realized this man had taken a liking to his daughter and the conversations became very inappropriate. The father quickly intervened and, acting as his daughter, started having conversations online with the man. The father then set up the sting, and said that Tuesday afternoon, the man showed up at his house, then admitted what he was trying to do…“He said he has a problem, he had a thirst is what he said, and that he was going to try to get help and this would be the last time,” Martin explained. “That’s just unacceptable.”

We hope the charges stick. Applauds to the father for being proactive in being aware of his young child’s social media interactions. Because of his actions he has identified and eliminated a dangerous situation for his child and possibly others. Great job sir

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