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August 1, 2021

The Hip Hop Library

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Bill Cosby Photo: Huffington Post

As reported a few days ago Comedian/Actor Bill Cosby was arrested and criminally charged by one woman after months of numerous accusations made by a number of women claiming, he drugged and/or raped them in the past. Cosby’s attorney vowed to maintain her clients innocence in this, (the only official) case as well. Watch videos of untold stories…

Dru Story News believe that,  “By and large the media was responsible for enabling a grand deception that misled the public into believing that Bill Cosby is a guilty man before going to court. Many feel he’s being treated unfairly, Dru Story News published a 3 part video a few months ago highlighting factual information about some of the accusers, their lawyers, media,  Hit the links to watch below:

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