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Congrats to Philly’s own Quest Love, he has a new book hitting the shelves next month. “somethingtofoodabout”. The book takes…readers around the country to up-and-coming culinary hotspots like Austin,… Phillly and Los Angeles, north to Portland, and south to New Orleans, speaking with chefs about their personal histories, their creative processes, and their insights into innovation in food….” The book was written by Questlove with the help of Ben Greenman and featuring photos by renowned photographer Kyoko Hamada, In a press statement about the book we learn that the book isn’t just about food, it’s all about the art, craft, and creativity of working with food through the lens of 10 different chefs around the country….”  The book goes on sale April 12, 2016 for $30.00 in the hardcover version…Click here to read more from source>>>AllHipHop

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