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August 3, 2021

The Hip Hop Library

Recognizing, and Preserving the Hip Hop culture. Most importantly Encouraging Our Communities To Read! Home of THHLIB Book Club

Shoutout to Hip Hop again. A number of artist,sports stars, community leaders, and the Hip Hop Public Health organization. It’s always a pleasure to recognize positive displays of individuals of actions from our community members for our communities. We recently viewed a new video on their site that featured a host of legendary hip hop artist, comedians, sports players and more encouraging our community to practice social distancing, staying home, and most importantly washing your hands for “20 seconds or more”. The project was “…created to empower youth and families with the right information, tools and resources to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Watch video below

Be sure to checkout the Hip Hop Public Health website, it appears to be a great place for resources, activities, and information for the youth, their parentss, and educators from our identifiable community, Hip Hop That is.



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