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After another black community has witnessed yet another black man “Walter Wallace Jr” fatally shot by police officers, this time for the victims mother and other family members to witness.

The incident caused Philly to become completely out of control for at least 48 hours or so. There were protest both peaceful and violent, rioting and looting of local stores,, and explosions of atm machines throughout the city. Effective October 28, 2020 Philadelphia was placed on a mandatory 9:00 PM curfew.

The horrifying video has been circulating the internet and gone viral on most social media platforms. Someone actually recorded the incident on a cellphone while sitting in his car. In the video we witness the mother begging the cops not to kill her son just before the deadly shots were fired We saw the victim with an object in his hand appearing to be aggressive and you see the 2 officers fire ther weapons numerous times. Click the link below to see video on Instagram

Once again we say please “Pray for Philadelphia” Click here to read more from local news sources The family held a press conference yesterday

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