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Recognizing, and Preserving the Hip Hop culture. Encouraging Our Communities To Read, and Inspiring each other to Achieve

The Hip Hop Library (THHL) held its Annual books, Toys, and Winter Celebration and we are happy to announce “The event was successful” Over a hundred local children received giant bags of books, toys, games, electronics, and much more.

Most of the toy donations were received from “Delaware County Toys For Tots” however friends and family members whom which have contributed for years to prior events, donated: coats, books, toys, and more.

New Hip Hop Library Merch

Student volunteers from local organization Yoacap assisted parents and kids in retrieving their coats, books and bags of toys. Coats were provided by Ms. Kim. Cupcake desserts provided by “J’s Shutdown” Cakes. Meals for workers and volunteers catered by “Chef Mont”.

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