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Recognizing, and Preserving the Hip Hop culture. Encouraging Our Communities To Read, and Inspiring each other to Achieve

To honor the 50-year celebration of hip hop, The Hip Hop Library(HHLIB) is distributing Mini Libraries in Philadelphia and its surrounding areas. The units were donated to the HHLIB from the Philadelphia Carpenters Union

Some of the units will be dedicated to local hip hop artists and designed by local grafitti artists. The libraries will also be stocked with resources and free quality, mainly children’s and young adult books. However, there may be adult reads at times. local residents can take a book or two and also replace a book or two. The HHLIB will also supply a number of books monthly to locations.

The first Mini library has been placed in the Southwest area of Philadelphia on the corner of 58th, and Elmwood Avenue, in front of A Childs Dream Childcare facility. The organization participated in a HHLIB 5-week storytime series.

We utilize hip hop culture, books, and music during HHLIB Storytime sessions or series, in addition to traditional activities and music to entertain while we teach. We read 2-3 books and 1-2 songs and dancing activities a session. A series can reoccur weekly for a period of time.

Interested in having a Mini HHLIB at your location and / or facilitating a Storytime Series or Session? Contact us at: Phone: 215 995 1229. Email: info@thehiphoplibrary.com

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