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Recognizing, and Preserving the Hip Hop culture. Encouraging Our Communities To Read, and Inspiring each other to Achieve

Mission Statement

The Hip Hop Library Inc.

Mission Statement:

The ultimate purpose of The Hip Hop Library is to encourage our communities to read through educating, preserving, documenting and sharing the chronicles of Hip Hop – especially the history of Philadelphia Hip Hop.

The Hip Hop Library is a nonprofit, on-line virtual library with the ultimate mission to encourage our communities to read, to serve as a prime source of information for research and educational purposes, and preserving hip hop culture through documentation and sharing of the chronicles. The Library will shine light upon Philadelphia’s historical contribution and the significant impact it had on the hip hop industry. 

All visitors will be able to purchase products and services from the website. Only Library members will have access to borrow books and utilize the Library’s resources for free. The Library will include a Book Club that will meet once a month with potential author guest appearances. The Library will include a program entitled “Hip Hop Reads” showcasing artists reading books for storytime sessions.

The Hip Hop Library will provide mentoring programs for individuals interested in the arts, media and entertainment industry as well as volunteer and employment opportunities.

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