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About the Founder, Malika Love

West Philly native M.C. Malika Love, a woman who loves music from the bottom of her heart, raised in the presence of the entertainment industry she developed her love for the drums and the baseline of songs at an early age, her fathers first cousins were Roland (guitarist/bass) and “Carl Chambers” (drums) two of the best musician that ever touched those instruments, they also were original members of The Sound of Philadelphia (TSOP) and a group titled “Yellow Sun Shine”. Malika recalls specifically being a child at her great grandmother’s house falling asleep to the sounds of them practicing the baseline and drums of a song called Yellow Sun Shine also family gatherings to watch them on TV shows to the likes of Soul Train and American Bandstand. Several blocks over was her other grandparents home.Every Sunday family and friends(Jim Trotter, Little Richard) would gather to watch her mother’s brother and some of his teammates skate to the arena on 46th & Market st, in Philly to an event called “The Roller Derby”, he was on a team titled “The Philadelphia Warriors”. they had weekly televised competitions with other teams from different states. Malika remembers attending some of the live taping of the events and how attractive she was to the excitement of it all It was during her recognition of Roland Chambers contributions a song titled The Double Dutch bus when Malika decided to pursue her career as a hip hop artist, therefore she began to listen and record every Lady B show on W H A T, follow dance groups like “The Franchise boys”, dj’s like Nutter, “BabyDST”, “Jazzy Jeff”, and “The Mighty B-Force” to house & block parties, in addition to attending hip hop concerts such as The Fresh Feast and Raising Hell tours. At this point she met “Dj Bones” and promoter Bobby Dance, She began to host parties and eventually becoming the opening act at most of Dances events. In 1988 she released her firsts single on w/Dj Bones on Bobby Dance Records called Co Rock Steady (produced by Ryan Rockwell) lt was later released on a New York based record label titled Select Records, which she shared with other well known hip hop artist such as Kid and Play, “Chubb Rock“, and “The Real Roxanne”. Malika released her second single with Dj Miz on titled She’s bad (produced by Dj Doc). Staying true to her desire to remain connected to the entertainment industry she began to work with many groups, choirs, and community organizations. In 1989 Malika along with The Kids connection and Jaqui Simmons wrote the official song for the National Missing Children Association of Philadelphia in honor of John Simmons. . Upon her entry to the hip hop industry she was was the the first of many things, she was one of the first female emcee’s in Philly, to become signed to a major record deal, host a hip hop radio show (Rap Digest W.D.A.S.), and one of the first females to participate in the New Music seminar battles in the 80’s, In that battle 1988 King Sun DeMoet was the contender of course that round was lost however she made it to the second round by reciting a two minute rhyme then repeating it backwards which stunned the crowd although it sent her to her death with King Sun. Moreover she represented well! In 1988 Malika Love combined with a young lady by the name of Jackie Paul gathered hundreds of hip hop artist with the hopes of creating the first hip hop union. The organization did not flourish, however life long valuable relationships and connections were established and maintained. After graduating from “The Institute of Audio Research” in New York (IAR) she returned to Philly with a plan., after a personal break she began working with a few local artist Bugsy, Hill Top Hustlers (Naam Brigade),” Dj Mizzery”, LaLa”,Lady B” in addition to a host of many others including Elliot Ness (E Ness formally of Bad boy records),  “DJ Ace McClowd”, Yon D, “The Man Called Lux”. Currently Malika continues to engage in many community organizations she annually sponsors a basketball team in the” Concerned Men of Cobbs Creek” summer league, mentors youth, and participates in the Charlie Mack Party for Peace weekend. Malika is considered as Mother Love of  “The Gunline Battle Grounds” and “Philly Coalition Radio” family. You can catch Malika every week on the” The Co-Rock Steady Show” Sunday’s 6-8 pm on pcradiolive.com where you can hear 2 hours of non stop classic hip hop music, news, and up to the minute sports updates.

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