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What is going on here? During a recent Congressional Black Caucus Phoenix Awards dinner, which took place in Washington DC on September 23, 2023. The annual event recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions to society while uplifting and empowering the global Black community. Hip Hop icons MC Lyte and LL Cool J were honorees at this event. In addition to a special performance by “New Edition.”

Ll Cool J Photo retrieved from LL Cool J Instagram account 9/24/2023

President Biden delivered a speech, and during his remarks, he fumbled over the pronunciation of LL Cool J’s name, then later referring to him as…”The boy…then switched up to “the Man has biceps bigger than his thighs…” Watch the video below. Its actually going viral at this point.

Many are upset at the gestures and feel as though it borders disrespect. Others feel he met no harm. It was an honest mistake. What’s your thoughts. Was it just an honest mistake, or was it underlying disrespect from the POTUS.

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