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Three Kings...Rick Ross, Jay Z, and Dr, Dre

  Looks like a lawsuit is on the rise for the  mega star hip hop rapper Rick Ross and moguls Jay Z and Dr. Dre, reports say the trio is being sued by a pair of gospel writers copyright issues with their song “3 Kings” . The suit claims Rick Ross acknowledged the artist on the album credits, yet did not properly compensate nor receive the appropriate permissions to utilize the sample., moreover the song is vulgar, it glamorizes drugs, demoralizes women, and more all of which they are not supportive of.

According to Allhiphop.com:  “The lawsuit was filed yesterday (February 6) against the trio, as well as producer Jake One and Universal Music Group, in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois.The lawsuit was filed by Clara Shepherd Warrick and Jimmy Lee Weary, who owns the rights to the song “I’m So Grateful (Keep In Touch).”…The lawsuit also claims that the video for “3 Kings” was widely circulated, garnering millions of views, contributing to the success of the song. Click here to read full story from Allhiphop:>> EXCLUSIVE: Gospel Group Sues Rick Ross, Jay-Z, Dr. Dre Over “3 Kings”; Labels Song “Vulgar” | AllHipHop.com.

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