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Philadelphia based nonprofit organizations “The Hip Hop Library” (HHLIB) and “We Embrace Fatherhood” collaborated to continue an annual event originally hosted by Philly Coalition Radio.

Kickball tournament with local residents and business owners, free food and drinks, and a stage where family-friendly and up and coming artist can perform live. In addition to the collection of school supplies, donations to distribute at later dates.

In honor of the 50-year celebration of hip hop. This year was the “Hip Hop Library” stage, which was managed by HHLIB staff member Myanah M. Performances but YBB Qua, Stevie Franks, Grethen Elise, Musa Nova, Chris Envy, and Xilomen.

Chris Run
Gretchen Elise

The HHLIB also distributed children’s bags filled with sunglasses, books, coloring books, pencils bookmarks, and a host of other fun and educational products.

Myanah M. Chris Run, Malika Love
Hip Hop Library
We Embrace Fatherhood

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